LTDEDTN is a gallery that drops one artwork each Thursday at 2pm Eastern.
We are focused on shining a spotlight on a new artist each week. By giving our collectors the opportunity to consider one work at a time, we curate a unique feed of art unlike anywhere else on the internet.
Artists earn 80% of the price of each artwork sold on LTDEDTN, which is considerably different from the 50% they are used to in the traditional art market.
Ethan Gottlieb and Emily Knapp met in middle school and always wanted to build a business together. After years of back and forth brainstorming, they started LTDEDTN, which officially launched in November 2021.
Emily has worked in the art industry for several years at galleries, museums, and in artist studios. Ethan studied computer science and has spent his professional career in the finance and technology industries.
Want to get in touch? Email us at [email protected].
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